Visutrace: A tool for visualizing trace data

You've stumbled upon a pretty cool thing: a website for just displaying trace data! What is trace data you ask?
Well, a piece of trace data is a composition of the following:
  1. A start time
  2. An ID
  3. A start position x1, y1
  4. An end position x2, y2
  5. A duration
While that might not seem like much, it can be a pretty powerful tool for recognizing patterns in movements, such as vehicles or animals. That is the purpose of this website: visualizing trace data.

Here's an example of some trace data

00000.00 8 1112.43 2380.31 420.00 2200.00 314.00
While tools presented in this website are more than adequate for visualizing any such data set described by trace data, it will focus on visualizing data sets given off by cars collected in 2006. Not just any data set however. Instead, the data set gratefully made open by the Generic Mobility Simulation Framework 's website: It's pretty neat.
So neat that we decided to visualize all three sets of data given: City data, Urban data, and Rural data! To view these data sets, go ahead and click unto the nav bar at the top! Note: The language that we chose to do this in was javascript, so if you have it turned off you're not going to have a good time. In addition, if your browser is relatively old you might not be able to view this due to HTML5 compatibility.