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Dear All: Thanks so much for volunteering! The April 2017 FIRST Robotics event at SVSU will be awesome with your help!

Dear NEW Volunteers: Please register by clicking the blue "Join" button above.

Dear Registered Volunteers: To log in, use your email address and password, and click the green "sign in" button.

Regarding passwords: Please create a new unique password for this site. Please do not use your regular SVSU password. If you forgot your password, to RE-SET your password for this site email "re-set password" to: Alissa Myers, aamyers1@svsu.edu.

All volunteers will be provided a T-shirt to identify yourself as a volunteer; you also will receive a voucher for a meal on campus. We will be scheduling orientation and training sessions for volunteers to help you prepare and to answer your questions. More information on these sessions will be coming in the near future. Most volunteers will likely be stationed in or near the Ryder Center and field house, where the competition will be held.

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