Protecting your Linux server from Shellshock

If you’re a Linux fan, like myself, chances are you have Linux installed somewhere whether on a stand-alone server, dual boot, or through virtualization. If you haven’t heard about the Shellshock vulnerability, please read instances in which this vulnerability may affect your Linux installation:

“The Shellshock vulnerability can be exploited on systems that are running Services or applications that allow unauthorized remote users to assign Bash environment variables. Examples of exploitable systems include the following:

  • Apache HTTP Servers that use CGI scripts (via mod_cgi and mod_cgid) that are written in Bash or launch to Bash subshells
  • Certain DHCP clients
  • OpenSSH servers that use the ForceCommand capability
  • Various network-exposed services that use Bash”

Read more, including how to patch your affected system, by following the link below…

How to Protect your Server Against the Shellshock Bash Vulnerability | DigitalOcean.