SVSU CSIS Department offers Study Abroad program

The SVSU Computer Science and Information Systems Department has offered a Study Abroad program geared towards students who are interested in the new Cybersecurity Minor. The Study Abroad trip is ran in conjunction with, and will satisfy part of the requirements for, the CS232 (Cybersecurity System Administration) course. The deadline for signing up for this Study Abroad trip is December 15th, 2016.

The Study Abroad trip includes attending the BSides Las Vegas security conference in addition to the largest security conference in the world – Defcon. More information about the program, costs associated with the program, and what the trip entails can be found here:

Cybersecurity Minor

As previously announced, the Cybersecurity Minor has passed and is in the process of being added to the catalog and other areas on the SVSU web site. In the meantime, below are the courses, their prerequisites, and when they will be offered:

CS232 – Cybersecurity System Administration. Pre-requisite: CS105. Offered: Fall semester (starting Fall 2016).

CS233 – Cybercrime. Pre-requisite: CS232. Offered: Winter semester (starting Winter 2017).

CJ315 – Private Security. Pre-requisite: None. Offered: Fall and Winter semesters.

CS333 – Forensics. Pre-requisite: CS216 and CJ315. Offered: Fall semester (starting Fall 2017).

CS433 – Cybersecurity. Pre-requisite: CS333. Offered: Winter semester (starting Winter 2018).