HP Awards $240K for Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari Exploits | eWeek

“On the first day of the Pwn2Own event, HP awarded $317,500 for exploits against Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Microsoft IE 11 and Firefox. The second day saw no new Adobe exploits, as researchers turned their attention back to the browsers, with new exploits reported against Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari.

A security researcher identified by HP only as ilxu1a delivered the first exploit of the day with an out-of-bounds memory vulnerability in Firefox that took less than one second to execute. For his efforts, ilxu1a was awarded $15,000.

All told, Mozilla Firefox was exploited twice at the Pwn2own 2015 event, with exploits demonstrated on both days of the event, for a total payout of $70,000. Mozilla is no stranger to Pwn2Own and is often the first vendor to patch issues that are first disclosed at a Pwn2own event.”

HP Awards $240K for Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari Exploits.

​No reboot patching comes to Linux 4.0 | ZDNet

It’s all about the uptime…woohoo!

“One reason to love Linux on your servers or in your data-center is that you so seldom needed to reboot it. True, critical patches require a reboot, but you could go months without rebooting. Now, with the latest changes to the Linux kernel you may be able to go years between reboots.”

​No reboot patching comes to Linux 4.0 | ZDNet.